Bloom the Boutique by Sanford Cancer Medical Supply Store Sioux Falls SD

Bloom the Boutique

Bloom the Boutique

Bloom the Boutique is committed to helping everyone feel beautiful. We offer a range of wigs in every color and variety. If you’re interested in purchasing a wig, our team will help you find a fashionable one that suits your style and needs.

We understand that looking good is part of feeling better. Bloom the Boutique specializes in helping cancer survivors cope and thrive with strength and flair. We’re here to help you feel comfortable with your appearance and empower you to confidently take on your day.

Cancer survivors can find fashion, wigs and prostheses to:

  • Help cope with hair loss from chemotherapy
  • Soothe skin irritation caused by radiation
  • Compensate for changes in their body after a mastectomy or other surgery

We offer wigs, scarves, turbans, skin care products and gifts. Visit the shop today to browse our selection.


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