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What to Expect from Your Sanford Breast Cancer Team withJesse Dirksen MD and Heather Karu MD

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Jesse Dirksen, M.D., a Sanford breast cancer surgeon and Heather Karu, M.D., a Sanford plastic surgeon, talk about what patients can expect from their Sanford Health breast cancer team. Breast cancer is a very complicated disease and multiple specialists are all part of Sanford Cancer’s team that treats each patient. Every patient who is diagnosed with breast cancer and evaluated at Sanford Health has their case presented at a weekly “breast conference.” This conference involves all the various specialists on the cancer team, including breast surgeons, plastic surgeons, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, breast radiologists, pathologists, geneticists, nurse navigators – usually around 15 medical doctors. Each patient has her case evaluated by each specialists who are involved in breast cancer treatment. At the end of the meeting, the team forms a consensus about what they will recommend to the patient as the best course of treatment.