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Learn About Cancer Biopsies with Dr Tom Ortmeier

Uploaded on Jul 21, 2018

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There are different types of cancer biopsies. Dr. Tom Ortmeier, pathologist at Sanford Health, explains why it’s important to know which type of breast cancer biopsy your doctor has used and how it can influence the type of breast cancer treatment you may have. A needle biopsy is standard for most breast cancers. During a needle biopsy, a hollow needle is inserted into the breast tissue and removes a small core of cells. A pathologist then examines the cells under a microscope to determine if cells are cancerous and what type of cancer it is. Based on the diagnosis, treatment will be different for each patient. Knowing whether you’ve had a needle biopsy or an incisional biopsy (where part of the tumor is surgically removed) helps your Sanford cancer coe care team to tailor the next phase of treatment to optimize your care.