Health Equity

Health Equity

At Sanford Health, we want everyone to feel welcome. To us, this means always providing care in a respectful and culturally informed way.

Our diversity, equity and inclusion efforts help ensure our policies, procedures and systems support those who need it most. As part of these efforts, we’re addressing longstanding health disparities and expanding access to care.

We strive to equip our employees with tools, resources and opportunities that help foster a sense of belonging for everyone. Every patient should feel safe to ask for the health care services and support that allow them to be their healthiest.

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Our Pledge

We pledge to create diverse, equitable, inclusive and accessible environments for people of all abilities. We’re committed to policies and practices that ensure equal opportunities and outcomes. We strive to build environments where everyone can contribute to success.


We are proud to serve people of all sexual orientations, gender identities and gender expressions. We strive to reduce health disparities and build trusted partnerships with our LGBTQ+ community and their allies.

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Native American Care

We’re dedicated to improving health care for Tribal members. To us, this means providing culturally informed care, expanding safe access and partnering with Tribal leaders to address health disparities together.

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Military and Veteran Care

We have the utmost respect for our military members and are here for our heroes. We’re committed to providing our current and past military members not only with exceptional care, but also with employment opportunities.

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