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We must all acknowledge the problem of sexual abuse and work together to create safe communities for children. The Sanford Health Dakota Children’s Advocacy Center (DCAC) provides a vital community service by offering prevention, education and community awareness presentations on relevant and vital child safety issues.  While there is no one thing we can do to guarantee our children will be safe from sexual abuse, there are things we can do to decrease the likelihood of abuse.

Prevention and Education Classes and Training

In order to protect children from sexual abuse, both children and adults need to be educated. Our trained facilitators offer these training to professional, parents and youth serving organizations across North Dakota. The crime of sexual abuse is real.

My Body Belongs to Me

Teaches preschool children about OK and not-OK touches, saying no and telling and taking care of their bodies because their bodies belong to them. Sexual offenders take advantage of a child’s lack of knowledge about their body and sexual abuse. “My Body Belongs to Me” helps make kids less vulnerable to sexual abuse by educating them.

Safe Environments Training

Children should be given tools of prevention including age-appropriate information about child abuse, a desire to protect themselves, and the power to tell the truth to adults. Safe Environments Training offer school age kids information and skills to keep their bodies safe. We offer programs for grades K-3, 4-6, 7-8 and 9-12.

Child Abuse Educational Training

Child Abuse and Neglect - Should I Report This?

This is a 60-minute training on mandated reporting that introduces the topic of child abuse and guides participants through the process of making a report of suspected child abuse and neglect.

Overview of Child Abuse

A 90-minute training that examines all aspects of child abuse from a medical perspective.

Child Sexual Abuse - Once Can Hurt a Lifetime

This is a 90-minute training that defines child sexual abuse and it’s prevalence and discusses prevention.

Pediatric Sexual Abuse

This is a 60-minute training that discusses the incidence, medical evaluation and care for sexual abuse.

Understanding Children’s Sexual Behaviors Training

It can be difficult to decide when sexual behavior is normal and healthy and when it is a sign of some distress or disturbance. “Understanding Children’s Sexual Behavior” is a one hour training that introduces you to natural and healthy sexual behaviors that children under 12 may engage in. It also discusses characteristics of problematic sexual behaviors in young children.

Donate to the DCAC

Children’s treasure chest, a part of the Sanford Health Dakota Children’s Advocacy Center (DCAC), provides children and their families who have been traumatized small things that can help make a stressful situation easier for them. The shelves of the treasure chest hold a small bright spot and sense of caring in a situation that can be confusing and sometimes scary. 

A child may find comfort in the warmth of a blanket or a hug from a soft, stuffed animal. Children can express their stories through art and written means. And for families that drive long distances to the DCAC and spend most of the day with us, meal gift cards and snacks are greatly appreciated.