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Gassen Radiology Center

Freddie the Fire Truck - the portable x-ray machine.

Pediatric Surgery Procedure Explanation

Abdominal Wall Defect Gastroschisis is an abdominal wall defect (opening) at the base of the umbilical cord that allows intestine (bowel) and other abdominal contents to come outside the body before birth. Omphalocele is an abdominal wall defect (opening) of the umbilical ring (belly button) that allows intestines and other abdominal contents to g...

Gastric Bypass Surgery – A Cure for Type II Diabetes?

Studies now show that obese diabetic patients who undergo gastric bypass surgery leave the hospital with their diabetes cured. Should you consider the surgery?

Sanford Women’s CenteringPregnancy®

You’re ready for baby, but you’ve got a lot of questions about what you can expect over the next several months. You turn to your provider for answers. You turn to your friends. Why not turn to both in the same setting? That’s what CenteringPregnancy® is all about.

One More Sunrise

The Bairds discussed advance directives long before they needed them -- and what a difference. Have you considered yours? April 16 is National Healthcare Decisions Day.

CenteringPregnancy® Provides Group Support to Moms-to-Be

CenteringPregnancy® brings moms-to-be with similar due dates together for group prenatal support, education and healthcare services. This growing trend is proven to help expectant moms feel more comfortable and confident before and after baby.

Finding the Path

Back pain, weight gain, sluggishness. “I felt like an old man,” says 56-year-old Mike Falkner. See the difference when he discovers one complete program -- and one “super good“ personal trainer.

A Day to Remember

Born with Down Syndrome, Lacey Farabee had some extra challenges in her fight with leukemia. A compassionate nursing staff helped this special patient make it through her treatment and celebrate her success.

A Family Gathers

Grown son Dale Rust described the journey as “awesome memories at a tough time.” See the difference the Palliative Care Unit made for a beloved 82-year-old and his devoted family.

A Tool for Weight Loss

Rick Reuwsaat was doing everything he could to keep from adding extra pounds, but his weight was increasing and so were his health concerns. Would gastric bypass surgery be the tool this Sioux Falls man needed to make a healthy change?