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A Cup of Change

Coffee shop employee Mandy Tentinger used to drink her java alone, fighting the health problems and low self esteem that came with a body weight of over 250 pounds. After gastric bypass surgery, she feels better and loves the attention her new body gets.Watch Video

Walking Toward Change

At over 300 pounds, Julie Bartels used to stay in the shadows, crippled with anxiety that kept her from being a fun, active mom. Learn how this Watertown woman paired weight loss surgery and a commitment to exercise to transform her life.

Winning the Losing Game

When Charlotte Viou imagined her future, she didn't like what she saw. "I didn't want to die at 50," she says. See how long-term weight loss changes her view and her life.Watch video

The Next Chapter

Five days after graduating from college, Nicki took another step to success: weight loss surgery. “It was life-changing!” she says. Energized and healthy, she never wants to go back to 377 pounds.Watch Video

A Hug for Mom

Sherry Schock wanted to be a good mom, but obesity was weighing down her body and her spirit. How did weight loss surgery change her lifestyle and give her the confidence she craved?

Perfect Control

Salesman and competitive bowler Mark Rector was on the fast track, as both his career and his body size enlarged beyond his control. What would it take for him to take charge of his weight and health?

Committed to Health and Happiness

She walked with a cane and a wheelchair was next. Kelly Rafferty never imagined her obesity could lead to disability. What a difference when weight-loss surgery enters the picture! Watch Video

A Better Daddy

Travis Smith didn't want his daughters to grow up with memories of a fat, crabby dad. But at 348 pounds, he was exhausted and miserable. What difference could weight-loss surgery make? Watch Video

A Journey Toward Health

When Laura Fjellestad’s friends cared enough to say they were concerned about her health, she began making changes. Her weight loss of 170 pounds has both enriched and improved her life.

Building a Better Life

Kent Osborne could help plan a new city hall, but fought to control his own weight. Find out how this Vermillion man used bariatric surgery to drop almost 200 pounds and get a new relationship with his body and food.