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Your Heart, Our Hands

Within the halls of Sanford Heart walk the people who help and heal every day.

Over 750 skilled professionals serve as the hands and face of Sanford Heart. For decades they have pioneered new techniques in cardiac care. Around the clock, they stay prepared and connected, ready to save lives and prevent disease.

Like a tile in a mosaic, each person’s work and dedication lets us carry out our mission of healing hearts. Nurses, doctors, technicians and administrators work tirelessly on the scenes and behind the scenes to create new stories of opportunity. Every detail, no matter how small, adds up to our big picture of care.

The Heart Wall: Telling our stories

Sanford has collected the stories of some our skilled professionals, introducing you to the faces and voices behind the healing and care. In their own words, they share their joys, their challenges and their dedication to fighting heart disease.

“Buildings are bricks and mortar. It’s the people who work there that really make the difference,” says cardiothoracic surgeon Dr. Roxanne Newman.

Our stories, our calling

Click on each photo on the Heart Wall and discover our stories, such as:

    The exercise physiologist who was drawn into heart rehabilitation work by experiencing his father’s heart attack.
    A health system leader with a vision to create something new and better for every patient.
    A sonographer who takes the time with each patient to ensure comfort and calm.
    The registered nurse with more than 30 years of experience who describes the feeling of excitement every time she walks in the hospital door.
    A patient registrar who walks each new patient down to the right office, making sure each person knows where to go every step of the way.
    The cardiologist who pulls together a team of doctors, nurses and technicians to assist the patient who doesn’t even realize yet that he has had a heart attack.

Collaborative care

As Sanford Heart continues to create the region’s most innovative care, our skilled professionals will lead way in helping patients to prevent and treat heart conditions. They consider themselves health and wellness partners, focusing on every aspect of care: from prevention to diagnosis, surgery to recovery.

We’re changing the way that patients treat and live with heart disease. Hear our voices. Listen to our stories. We are the people of Sanford Heart.

Posted Date: March 2012