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Sanford Women’s CenteringPregnancy®

CenteringPregnancy® is the first program of its kind in South Dakota. It brings together women with similar due dates and builds a community of support. The group meets ten times throughout pregnancy for two hours at a time, sharing stories and experiences. Learning from each other and from your provider.

Benefits of CenteringPregnancy®

  • Education in a group setting. During each session you will discuss several topics, allowing you to learn from not only your Certified Nurse Midwife or physician but also from other women… Women who are going through their first pregnancy or their fourth. Topics include things like labor and delivery, nutrition, breastfeeding and parenting.
  • Group support. The quality of prenatal care is just as good as traditional one-on one prenatal care. But the support women give one another adds depth and quality to the group discussions. Through this very personalized experience, knowledge, experience and information flows freely. You will feel empowered throughout your pregnancy to choose healthy behaviors.
  • Assessment. During the group visit, you will actively participate in your own prenatal assessments. You will weigh yourself, take your own blood pressure, determine gestational age and make chart entries. You will have private one-on-one time with your provider to share concerns, review your progress and listen to fetal heart tones.

To learn more about CenteringPregnancy®, contact
Sanford Clinic Women’s Health at (605) 328-7700 or Sanford Clinic Maternal-Fetal Medicine at (605) 328-4600 or

Posted Date: April 2011