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Sanford Health PI Symposium & Quality Fair

WORTHINGTON, Minn. - Sanford Health held its annual PI Symposium & Quality Fair on April 20.  This year’s topic was “Conquering Value:  Quality, Cost & Patient Experience.”  Sanford Worthington had four entries in the poster contest. 

Sanford Worthington Clinic was awarded first place in the satisfaction/service excellence category.  The project was called “Improving the Abandon Call Percentage.”  The following is an excerpt from the project:

The reason for this project is because in March of 2016, we found that our abandon call percentage was around 20 percent and the system goal is 2 percent.  We receive daily data with how many calls per hour per day and also calls per hour per day per phone extension.  We started tracking the data to see where we were at.  From there we have been adjusting out FTE’s to accommodate peak times and have implemented benchmarks.

Sanford Worthington Lab and Radiology’s project was called “One Patient-One Poke-One Team.” This was done by the lab manager.  

The one poke lab draw/IV start process promotes teamwork and a great patient handoff between the laboratory and radiology departments, ensuring an excellent patient experience.  This implemented process of starting the IV and performing the lab draw prior to contrast studies, such as CT, MRI, PET and Nuclear Medicine exams, provides the patient with greater efficiency for their appointments.  This time spent working as a team also allows for patient privacy to help explain the testing, and allows for any questions to be asked and answered in a more secure environment. The implementation of this process has increased teamwork between the departments, which in turn has provided excellent customer service and increased patient satisfaction.

Sanford Worthington Women’s Center and Purchasing had a project called “2-Bin 2-Save:  Creating Efficiency in Inventory Control.” 

The purpose of the 2-Bin project within the Women’s Center is to reduce the number of expired supplies within the department while providing a satisfactory amount of supplies to last a four-day period.  Methodology used to guide the project included conduction of a mass inventory, supply logistics, obtaining and creating space and shelving needs, identifying new par levels, bar code scanning implementation and designing the refill process.  Key baseline data includes supply costs per patient day and monthly budget comparison. 

Sanford Worthington Medical Center’s Social Services and Performance Improvement/Risk Management’s received Honorable Mention in Communication/Care Coordination Category with its project called “Say What?  Improving Communication through Face-to-Face Language Interpretation.”  

It is estimated that Nobles County, Minnesota, has more than 50 languages spoken within the county. According to 2015 census data, 27.1 percent identify as Hispanic/Latino in Nobles County, with total county population at 21,770. As a health care facility within Nobles County, Sanford Worthington is serving multiple non-English speaking patients on a daily basis. With increasing costs for interpreter services and frequent struggles to obtain a face-to-face interpreter, our team determined a need to make changes to improve both cost and satisfaction. Initially, we implemented a one month trial period of scheduling a Spanish-speaking interpreter for two hours each day at the hospital. Following a successful trial period, we were able to continue to offer a scheduled face-to-face Spanish interpreter to our patients.

All four poster entries were an excellent display of performance improvement activities at Sanford Worthington. 

Posted Date: June 2017