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Research Grant Funds Study to Improve Urinary Incontinence in Native American Women

“Sanford Urogynecology is proud to lead a team of investigators studying new ways to treat urinary incontinence in Native American women of the Northern Plains,” said Keith Benson, MD of Sanford Clinic Urogynecology. The study is part of a major grant that establishes Sanford’s National Center for Minority Health Disparities (NCMHD) Exploratory Center of Excellence.

The first phase of the study investigates the incidence and prevalence of lower urinary tract symptoms in Native American women. The second phase of the study will divide treatment of urinary incontinence into three groups. Depending on symptoms, patients will be treated with surgery, medications or physical therapy. The surgical part of this trial will be the first to utilize an office-based surgical therapy for stress urinary incontinence. When successful, this will change the basis for treatment of stress incontinence worldwide.

“We look forward to helping a very deserving and underserved group of patients and are excited to improve the health of Native Americans,” said Dr. Benson.

The study is funded as part of a five-year award totaling $7,162,047 from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services in a collaborative grant with the University of South Dakota and the Sanford Research/USD Health Disparities Research Center. This award is a renewal of a five-year program project lead by Amy Elliott, PhD. Collaborative partners for this project include the University of South Dakota, Sanford Health, the Aberdeen Area Tribal Chairman’s Health Board and Sinte Gleska University.

Posted Date: June 2011