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Refreshingly Different

Ashlie Bradley of Alexandria, Minn., had high hopes for a natural delivery in the birth of her first baby, Isabella. Reality fell short.

“I went into labor early, it lasted 17 hours and in the end I needed pain medication,” says Ashlie. “I was disappointed, plus I felt guilty for putting my baby through all that. She was born not breathing and needed two minutes of resuscitation.”

Today, 3-year-old Isabella is happy, healthy and smart. But it took Ashlie more than two years before she was ready to have another baby.

“I was afraid of another experience like the first one. Anne knew my fear,” says Ashlie. “That’s why she introduced me to HypnoBirthing. It was so refreshing.”

Anne Gilbertson, Certified Nurse Midwife at Sanford Health Broadway Clinic in Alexandria, is now certified in HypnoBirthing.

Embracing natural abilities

HypnoBirthing teaches women to use their natural instincts to fully and comfortably experience the birth of a baby.

“It’s a form of deep relaxation that lessens the pain of childbirth,” says Anne, who used the approach when she had her second son. “The theory is when we’re fearful, we get tense. And when we’re tense, labor hurts more.”

For Ashlie, the first success with HypnoBirthing occurred early in pregnancy. She had severe nausea, prompting Anne to recommend relaxation techniques taught in HypnoBirthing.

“Nothing worked except those relaxation techniques,” says Ashlie. “That motivated me to read the book, listen to the CD and practice the techniques. All along Anne kept teaching me not to be fearful. Labor is a natural process our bodies were made to do.”

The philosophy of working in harmony with nature caught on with Ashlie’s husband, Shad. With Ashlie’s help, he learned how to support the process.

Building the skills

When she was six months along, Ashlie noticed her fear was totally gone. “I felt more ready to have this baby than anything in my life,” she says. For the next several weeks she kept practicing her HypnoBirthing techniques including cleansing breaths and positive imagery.

“It was simple and natural for me,” says Ashlie. “I chose the techniques that worked best, then incorporated them into my everyday life. I felt very calm, no matter what was happening around me. It really prepared me for labor and delivery.”

Short labor, healthy baby

Ashlie put in a full day of work on August 22, 2012, and felt great. At 6:45 p.m., while clearing away supper dishes, she noticed contractions. Shad was mowing the lawn.

“I went outside and said, ‘Are you ready to have a baby?’ I was so calm,” she says. “I just knew this was it.”

They packed a bag, cared for their pets, videotaped Isabella announcing she’d soon be a big sister, and then took her to grandma and grandpa’s house.

At 9 p.m. they met Anne at the hospital. At 11:33 p.m. they welcomed a 6-pound, 12-ounce healthy baby girl.

“The experience was absolutely everything I hoped for,” says Ashlie. “After a total of five hours of labor, Madalynn Danielle entered the world in a calm, serene atmosphere. So amazing – so different.”

Plan your dream

If a baby is in your future, consider your options for labor and delivery.

“Early on I encourage women to start planning the kind of birth they want,” says Anne. “I’m seeing more and more interest in HypnoBirthing. Women like knowing childbirth doesn’t have to be this scary thing we have to get through so we can have our babies. It can be a really good experience that empowers.”

For more information about HypnoBirthing, including classes taught by Anne, please call (320) 762.0399.

Posted Date: July 2013