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A Run to Remember

Clint Glass drove home from work on Nov. 28, 2011. The pain gripped his chest and wouldn’t let go. Another bout of indigestion?

At home in Glyndon, Minn., he took a Tums and rested. But why couldn’t he catch his breath?

His wife, Wendi, saw him. “You’re going in,” she said, reacting perfectly.

Wendi quickly drove him to Sanford Emergency Center in Fargo where he underwent a battery of tests. Sanford’s heart team diagnosed a heart attack, prompting an emergency angioplasty and stent placement. A coronary artery was 90 percent blocked.

Hours later, resting in a hospital bed at Sanford Heart Hospital, the father of two couldn’t believe what had happened. A heart attack at age 45? With a physical job in a warehouse, he thought he was in pretty good shape. And how about all the golf he’d played that summer? And the key question: He survived one heart attack -- how could he prevent another?

A knock at the door…

Ryan Bosch, exercise physiologist from Sanford Cardiac Rehab, stepped into Clint’s hospital room and introduced himself. “Ready for a walk?” he asked.


Today, months later, Clint describes how he felt on that first walk up and down the hall.

“Really good,” he says. “I told Ryan I felt like I could run around the building a couple times. Ryan said we don’t want you to do that quite yet…”

That’s when the idea came to Clint: His 15-year-old daughter Kaytlenn, a track athlete, had always wanted to run in a marathon -- and the Fargo Marathon was coming up. Could Clint possibly run the 10K? And would Kaytlenn want to join him?

Ryan answered the first question: yes, a 10K -- about six miles -- would be a reasonable goal. Kaytlenn answered the second: “Sure!” she told her dad.

Strengthening his heart

Clint went home from the hospital three days after his heart procedure. The next week he began his 36 outpatient sessions at Sanford Cardiac Rehab.

Working closely with Ryan, he made great strides. He went from walking 12 minutes on a treadmill at 3 mph to running five 7:30-minute miles with two minutes’ walking between each mile.

“It amazes me,” says Clint. “Before my heart attack, I thought playing golf was enough. Now I know I need 30 minutes of cardio five days a week, and my heart should reach 120 beats a minute.”

Clint advanced in other important areas of heart health, too, thanks to the educational component of Cardiac Rehab. Sanford’s team covered risk factors, medication, and more.

“I learned a lot about nutrition,” says Clint. “I had no idea canned vegetables were so full of sodium. Now I eat frozen vegetables -- and lots of fruit and fish, too.”

The results have been impressive:

    Significantly reduced cholesterol
    A weight loss of 20 pounds
    Feeling great!

“For years I’ve had knee and shoulder pain,” says Clint. “It’s gone!”

Fun run

Now a Cardiac Rehab graduate, Clint continues to train with a program provided by Ryan. And Kaytlenn continues to work out with her school track team. Their goal is the 13-mile half-marathon of the Fargo Marathon on May 19. Clint received the okay from Ryan and from his medical team.

“We’re going to take it slow and we’ll run it together,” says Clint. Kaytlenn agrees.

Then Clint adds a new twist: “Until the last 50 yards…”

“You’re on!” she says, grinning.

Posted Date: May 2012