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A Reason to Dance

Lindsay Scott loves to dance, jumping and twirling on the ends of her toes.

But for weeks, persistent pain in this little girl’s stomach, along with fever and headaches, made it difficult to even make it to school, much less have the energy left for dancing.

“In two months I hadn’t seen her smile,” says the 8-year-old girl’s mother, Amy Scott. “We knew something had to be wrong.”

Healing children

When the Aberdeen family needed to get their daughter help, they knew where to go. Over the years, they’ve learned to rely on the care at Sanford Children’s for both Lindsay and her 7-year-old sister Elly.

“Sanford is the place where they help you and find out what you have,” says Lindsay. “The doctors there and the nurses are really nice.”

Before her stomach started aching, Lindsay had been to Sanford Children’s for other problems. The little girl can list the times she’s been to the hospital: telling stories about when she was treated for pneumonia, had tubes put in her ears and even gotten stitches in her eye.

“I was making a fort under the couch when I bounced up and cut my eye,” says the little girl with blonde hair and big brown eyes. “I just know it’s a place where I go to get better.”

Coordinating her care

So when her stomach started hurting, Lindsay’s mother took her to Dr. Tanu Singhal, a pediatrician at Sanford Health Aberdeen Clinic. Their doctor ran a number of tests trying to figure out why the little girl was having stomach pain and fever, coordinating with Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Bobby Goeman in Aberdeen.

Soon Lindsay was traveling to Sioux Falls for a visit to the “children’s castle.” Seeing the fanciful, fun place with bright pictures on the wall and even a “knight in one of the rooms,” made it easier to get ready for a computerized tomography (CT) scan, she said.

“I wasn’t afraid at all,” says Lindsay, giggling. “It was just a big, talking donut. A talking donut that could tell us why my tummy hurt.”

Working together, her doctors were able to determine that the immediate cause of her discomfort was being caused by extreme constipation, says her mother Amy. Her doctors believe the little girl suffers from abdominal migraines and will run further tests over the coming weeks to learn more details about what is causing her problems, she said.

Since both of her daughters were infants, the Aberdeen family has relied on Sanford to take care of medical problems big and small. Their younger daughter, Ellie, traveled by air to Sanford Children’s as a newborn for surgery on her colon. Since then, they’ve trusted Sanford for all their care.

“Not only do they call and follow up, but they always let me know if they find anything,” Amy said. “We have had such a wonderful experience with Sanford from day one.”

Her smile returns

With her stomach issues getting better, Lindsay is back to her ballet class, twirling across the floor with her little sister. Her mother delights in the giggles and smiles she sees on both tiny faces once again.

Amy says she is confident that her daughter’s doctors will find a long-term solution to the little girl’s condition. Sanford Children’s has always been special to her family and they know they can rely on everyone there to treat her daughters with professional care and real concern.

“The doctors have treated us with such care and we feel like we’re part of a family,” she says. “I have no doubt that they’ll find an answer for us. They always do.”

Posted Date: February 2012