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fit-care Aims to Reduce Childhood Obesity in South Dakota

Initiatives teaming up to provide fit-care to children in childcare settings across the state

Based on the Sanford/WebMD fit national wellness initiative, fit-care is designed to help children in child care settings learn and establish healthy habits early on in their lives. Child care providers in South Dakota will have access to the fit-care curriculum and training courses designed to teach and role model fit behaviors along with educating parents and families.

“Studies show one in five children is considered overweight or obese by age 6, and an overweight 3-year-old child is nearly 8 times as likely to become an overweight young adult,” says Kristin Biskeborn, Director of Nutrition and Physical Activity with the South Dakota Department of Health. “Working with child care providers on educating children and families about healthy lifestyle habits could have a tremendous impact on the lifelong health of South Dakota’s youth.”

The Sanford/WebMD fit wellness initiative uses the latest scientific and behavioral research to captivate, educate and activate youth to adopt healthy lifestyles at  fit’s four pillars of health – FOOD, MOVE, MOOD, and RECHARGE – interconnect to teach children of all ages that being healthy requires knowledge and motivation to eat better, sleep more, manage emotions and exercise regularly. Parents can also take advantage of tools, resources and advice on the Raising fit Kids Community website.

Throughout the year, a series of training courses will be offered throughout the state for child care providers.

fit-care is provided through funding from the Community Transformation Grant. In the end, child care providers across the state will have the knowledge and tools to provide an environment that offers and reinforces a healthy lifestyle for children in their care.

For more information, or to register for classes, contact Sanford Children’s CHILD Services at 605-333-0698 or 800-235-5923.