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20-Year-Old Woman Has Hip Surgery

By Kelli Grant

SIOUX FALLS, SD - Every year, hundreds of thousands of people have their hip replaced. But it's usually someone in the golden years, not a 20-year-old college student.

We first brought you Chloe Goldade's story on Friday as she anxiously awaited Monday morning's surgery. Born with hip dysplasia, she's already had several surgeries. But arthritis set in early, making it difficult to get around. So Monday she had an operation she believes will change her life.

Bright eyed and more than ready to have her right hip replaced, Chloe was wheeled into the OR at 7 a.m.
It's a common procedure for orthopedic surgeons.

"We do hip replacements often, it's a very good procedure. It can be a very life changing procedure," Sanford Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Brian Aamlid said.

Aamlid says Chloe's operation is unique.

"It will not be routine because of her altered anatomy. But I think we have a very good plan," Aamlid said.That began by taking out screws doctors put in Chloe's hip years ago. Surgeons then worked to prepare the hip for its replacement, which is made out of titanium and ceramic.

Going under the knife is something this young woman is used to.

"She's undergone a couple of operations. One to shorten the femur and relocate the ball back in the socket. That happened at about age 2. She's also undergone an operation to re-orient the socket so it covers the ball a little bit better," Aamlid said.

And she's prepared to head back into the OR again.

"In all likelihood, this will not be her last hip operation because of her youthfulness," Aamlid said.
She'll likely have her left hip replaced in the future. But for now, this 20-year-old is looking forward to gaining a bit of her youth back.

"The goal is to make her more comfortable and more functional and we're hoping with very good durability out of these components that they will go for 20 years and maybe beyond," Aamlid said.

Chloe will be in the hospital for three to five days recovering. She'll then be sent home. We'll catch up with her then to show you her progress.

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