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Physician Spotlight Steven Redmond MD

Sanford Clinic Aberdeen, Family Medicine

Steven Redmond, MD

Hometown: Delano, MN

Family: wife, Sheryl; sons, Sean and Arthur (2 ½)

Medical School: University of Minnesota

Sanford Birthday: November 2008

Favorite food: A well-made hamburger - Those are not easy to find, but Big Fella’s in Aberdeen makes an excellent hamburger!

Favorite music: Celtic - My brother played the bagpipes.

Favorite holiday: Thanksgiving

Favorite hunting season: Elk

Favorite hunting spot: Craig, CO - Every fall I go elk hunting.

Describe a typical day.

I usually wake up at 5 a.m. and get to the hospital about 6:15 a.m. for rounds. About 7:30 a.m. I work with gastroenterology patients. After that, I see regular clinic patients as a family practice doctor. I will get home about 4 p.m.

How did you become interested in medicine?

I lived about three doors away from my family doctor. I talked with him a number of times, and he gave me some of his books. That’s how it got started.

You came to Aberdeen in 1994. What do you like most about Aberdeen?

The variety! I enjoy working with gastroenterology patients, but there can be a wide range of requests here. I’ve even been asked to help with large animals and veterinary work in a pinch, sometimes when a farmer is driving down the road and stops in.

Other than livestock patients, any other surprises?

Medicine changes fast. You have to be flexible.

What’s it like to see the growth of medical care in Aberdeen, including a new hospital?

The growth of medicine in Aberdeen is exciting and good for the community of Aberdeen.

How do you spend your free time?

I like to hunt and fish, but I am not doing that as much the last two and a half years since my twin boys were born. As a family, we like going to the lake and the kids get to play in the water. When they get bigger, we’ll go camping.

How does being a dad help you with being a doctor?

With my sons, I certainly have a better understanding how kids are, and I am more understanding when parents have trouble with kids tearing the office apart. That’s a two-year-old and that’s what they do! We get through what we need to do and then we can put the office back together.

What’s your philosophy of care?

I always try to spend enough time with every patient. Even though I’m being pushed, I try to look like I’m not in hurry. I may come down the hall at 60 mph, but when I open the door, it slows down and I go 5mph.

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