Her Family, Her Health Information: My Sanford Chart

Any day, any time, Katie Jongejeugd knows her medical information is just a few clicks away.

For the past two years, this busy Sioux Falls mom has relied on My Sanford Chart to manage her family’s health. As her two children sit next to her on the couch, it takes just moments on her computer tablet, a few clicks with her finger on the screen, to get connect with her doctors and get the information she needs.

“I use a lot of apps, but this is one of the best,” Katie says, as 10-year-old Bailey and six-year-old Jacob look on. “It’s convenient, it’s easy to use. It’s changed the way we access our health information.”

For the past two years, Katie has used My Sanford Chart for all of her family’s medical needs. The free online system for Sanford Health patients allows her to access medical records, make appointments and communicate with her medical care providers.

An easy start

Katie, who works in computer technology, first signed up for My Sanford Chart out of curiosity. She had heard about the program and wondered how it would work.

“I thought I would just log on and see what they were talking about,” says Katie. “Now I can’t imagine what I did without it.”

Getting started was easy. The program prompts easily led her through the steps she needed to get registered. With a secure login and password protection, she knew her information was safe.

Once she got logged in, setting up access to medical records for herself and her two children, she discovered that the secure program saved time and made her a better-informed patient.

Katie realized how handy that mobile information was the day she was standing in a doctor’s clinic, bringing in a child with a worrisome cough. They were on vacation out of state and she was in an unfamiliar setting, trying to answer a question about her six-year-old son’s vaccination history.

Normally, that question would have simply added to the stress of the situation. But this time the anxious Sioux Falls mom pulled out her iPhone and had the answer at hand – even before her son’s next round of coughs.

“Within seconds, I had it right there,” says Katie. “I didn’t have to estimate. I didn’t have to guess. I had it.”

Managing it all

Life is busy for her family. Katie and her husband juggle work schedules and afterschool activities with six-year-old Jacob and 10-year-old Bailey. Questions for the doctor generally come at inconvenient times, after kids are picked up from their after-school program or are they are on the way to soccer or t-ball practice, she says.

“I can e-mail a question in when I think about it or make a request for an appointment,” she says. “It doesn’t shut down at 5 p.m. or open at 8.”

Katie has anytime access to many of her electronic health records, including health summaries, prescriptions and test results. She’s been able to use her health records to clear up an inaccuracy with her insurance company and print out her children’s vaccination records from her home computer.

When lab tests are ordered, Katie said she usually gets a notice on My Sanford Chart that the results are in before her doctor’s office has a chance to call her. And it’s nice to know what has come back to be able to ask better questions when she’s on the phone to the doctor, she says.

“I can see what they see,” Katie said. “It makes me a better patient.”

Fewer interruptions

She can request prescription renewals or medical appointments online, not having to interrupt her workday with phone calls to the doctor’s office. And nearly everything she used to take care of with a phone call is now handled with a quick, secure e-mail directly to her doctor through My Sanford Chart.

The busy mom says she gets a quick, informative response to her questions about whether a symptom warrants a doctor’s visit or whether they should try a different course of treatment.

“In the past year, I think I’ve only actually called my doctor’s office once,” says Katie. “I just can’t say enough good things about it.”

Sanford is the process of implementing My Sanford Chart at all of its clinic locations. To see if your clinic is using My Sanford Chart, Posted Date: July 2013

Her Family, Her Health Information: My Sanford Chart

Busy Mom Katie Jongejeugd has a powerful tool to help her manager her family’s health: My Sanford Chart. Learn more about this secure online system that gives patients access to their personal health information.