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Saving Justina

Six-month-old Justina Peters was quite likely to die from a rare bone disease when her Sanford Clinic Belize doctor made a connection with researchers for a new treatment that is helping her live.

Grace for the Journey

“Just slap on a little lipstick – you’ll be fine,” says cancer survivor LeAnn Ishaug. But LeAnn and her family know it takes more than lipstick to survive cancer – they’ve been doing it for 31 years.

Senior Year

Basketball, volleyball, school activities. Kasey Aune looked forward to a jam-packed senior year. So what happens when she discovers a lump on the side of her neck -- and it's cancer?

A Hunter’s Tale

“I Walk on Water” says his ice-fishing sweatshirt. But Steve Eickhoff would be the first to say several people walked on water the day he suffered a heart attack while hunting

Revolutionizing Surgical Care

A multi-disciplinary team of Sanford employees overhauled the way that knee and joint-replacement patients were prepared for and cared for after surgery.

The Return of Smiling Eyes

You’d never know it by watching him today, but at age 3, Lincoln Deibert could barely function -- no facial expressions, no talking, no walking. See how pediatric therapy turned his life around!

Home Sweet Home

Eyes sparkling and a ready smile, little Kolton loves trucks, shovels … and hugs. A new, innovative approach to care makes a happy difference for kids with special health needs. Parents like it, too!

Life Without Limits

Barbara Angerhofer knew where her incontinence was likely to lead and wanted a different lifestyle. Surgery gave her back her freedom and the ability to live life without her eye on the bathroom door.

Baby Blue Eyes

Baby Isaac sits on his dad’s lap grinning. “I wanna be an all-star” says his onesie. Thanks to early detection of a serious medical problem, prompt pediatric surgery and winning parents, he’s already there.

Miracle in the Woods

Who could’ve predicted the Pratt family’s New Year’s Eve Odyssey? Or the string of miracles that saved the life of their beloved father? “Nobody could have scripted this better,” says daughter Claudia.