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Advanced Technology at Sanford Cancer

At Sanford Cancer highly trained specialists deliver safe cancer care and treatment through advanced technology and state-of-the-art equipment. It's just one of the things we do to help our patients recognize victories through every stage of their cancer journey.

Linear Accelerator

Patients in the Fargo, Bemidji, Sioux Falls and Worthington areas receive the latest treatments through the use of Linear Accelerator technology. This equipment allows our expert team to precisely target the cancer. It's a safe option because it limits damage to healthy, surrounding tissue. And patients appreciate this technology because we can deliver the treatment is less time than other radiation oncology options.


Patients in Sioux Falls are in the the hands of the area's best team of radiation oncology experts. They have the knowledge to safely and effectively use TomoTherapy® technology. This treatment narrows in on the cancer while minimizing damage to surrounding tissue and reducing side effects to the patient.

For all the victories you seek. Sanford Cancer

From screening and diagnosis through treatment and remission. When it comes to the cancer journey, Sanford Cancer and the Roger Maris Cancer Center recognize and celebrate victories. Learn more about Sanford Cancer.

Posted Date: March 2012