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Patient Education

Thank you for choosing Sanford Health. Below you will find educational material to help guide you through your process.

Patient Education Heart Surgery

Chapter 1: Getting Ready for Surgery
Chapter 2: Heart Disease and Heart Surgery
Chapter 3: Valve Disease and Valve Surgery
Chapter 4: Other Heart Surgeries
Chapter 5: Before Surgery
Chapter 6: Recovery from Surgery
Chapter 7: Nutritional Needs
Chapter 8: Activity
Chapter 9: Risk Factors
Chapter 10: When to Call the Doctor
Chapter 11: Heart Drawings



Chapter 1:  Are you ready to quit?
Chapter 2:  Make a plan
Chapter 3:  About Nicotine Addiction
Chapter 4:  Nicotine Replacement Therapy
Chapter 5:  Prescriptions may help
Chapter 6:  Relapse prevention/Coping Skills
Chapter 7:  Weaning off Nicotine Replacement Therapy
Chapter 8:  For more information 
Chapter 9:  Treatment plan

Chapter 1: Welcome - Kidney Functions
Chapter 2: Treatment Options - Vascular Access
Chapter 3: Feeling Your Best - Lab Tests and Values
Chapter 4: Support For You

Chapter 1: Welcome, About Brain Injury, Tests and Procedures, Critical Care
Chapter 2: Stages in Recovery, Medical Complications, Medications
Chapter 3: Coping with New Challenges, Safety, Health and Wellness
Chapter 4: Preparing for Discharge or Transition, Resources, Suggested Websites and Reading, Helpful Terms, Notes

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