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Physician Spotlight Elizabeth Gravley MD

Learn more about Elizabeth Gravley, a family physician with Sanford Clinic Webster.

Elizabeth Gravley, MD

Family: husband, Kurt; sons, Chris (15), Mike (13)

Hometown: Moline, IL

Medical School: University of Minnesota, Minneapolis in 1995

Residency: Family Practice at Sioux Falls Family Practice, Rural Training Track

Favorite TV Show: My guilty pleasure is Survivor. My second favorite is NFL football.

Sanford Birthday: 1999

Hidden talent: Playing Piano

Favorite composers: Schubert and Mozart

How did you become interested in medicine?

I believe a lot of physicians share this story. Growing up in Moline, IL, I was ill a lot as a child with pneumonia and asthma. I saw a lot of doctors and spent a lot of time in hospitals. I thought I would be a nurse, but then an uncle asked if I had considered being a doctor. I hadn’t seen a female doctor before, but my uncle said I could do it. So, I shifted my aspirations from being a nurse to being a physician. That was second grade and I never changed my mind after that.

After that, you spent time in Sioux Falls for your residency but eventually made Webster home. What do you like best about a small community?

There’s closeness to your patients. You see them in church, in the grocery store and it’s a personal tie. You see whole generations of families; that I really enjoy. I get to see new babies to baby’s great grandmother in the nursing home.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I like to be a mom. I like to spend time with my family before the kids head off to college. My husband and kids enjoy skiing and snowboarding. I never learned to do that as a young person. Then, last year, my husband said we should all go to the mountains, so I figured I better learn how to ski! Now it’s something we’ve enjoyed learning to do as a family.

What else do you do in your spare time?

I like to garden in the summer. I also try to find time for exercise more days than not. I like variety, so I do some indoor treadmill running, weight training, yoga, cardiovascular and interval training. I try to mix it up to keep it interesting. I enjoy playing piano, which many people do not know because I don’t feel comfortable playing for others.

Even though you love classical music, your iPod has a mix.

I have a lot of contemporary rock and pop because I’m trying to keep up with my kids. I have music from my youth and I have a lot of U2, Daughtry and Nickelback. There’s some 80s music from high school and Tonic Sol Fa.

What do you like best about your job?

Family practice is a good fit for me. I love the variety, from seeing a four-month-old healthy baby to seeing a middle aged woman for her wellness care to men with chronic health conditions to a nursing home resident. It’s such nice variety that it always keeps me on my toes.

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