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Sanford Health MeritCare Stronger Together

Much progress continues to be made since the historic November 2, 2009 merger of Sanford Health & MeritCare.

Much progress continues to be made since the historic November 2, 2009 merger of Sanford Health & MeritCare including:

  • Holiday gift certificates to numerous local food stores were distributed to 17,400 employees, more than 800 physicians and 500 volunteers as a thank you and welcome to the new larger family.
  • A series of internal and community meetings and outreach events were held throughout the Sanford Health & MeritCare service area introducing the new organization and its plans for future growth and development, health services, education and research.
  • The Sanford Health & MeritCare shuttle bus is in operation with an increasing ridership as north and south teams exchange visits on a daily basis between Fargo and Sioux Falls. Many meetings are being held to create the combined operating framework and system for the new organization.
  • Inaugural Board of Trustee meetings and education programs were conducted for system leadership planning.
  • A management planning retreat was held to establish priorities to complete the first fiscal year involving human resources, health services, research and development, finance, facilities and marketing in both regions and system-wide.
  • Common information and financial system planning is under way, including the use of Epic (docZ) and the Lawson Financial System to facilitate further integration and information exchange throughout the new organization for use in clinical and financial activities.

Look for more activities in 2010 that make us Stronger Together.