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Sanford Clinic Launches New Mens Health Program

(Sioux Falls, SD) – Preventative health exams are important to ward off disease and illness. While women tend to listen to this message, traditionally many men have not. According to a recent study by Louis Harris and Associates, three times more men than women had not seen a doctor in the previous year, and one in three men had no regular doctor.

The physicians and staff at Sanford Clinic recognize skipping or delaying preventative health appointments can contribute to poor health especially among middle-aged and older men. To help men understand the importance of preventative health exams, Sanford Clinic is launching a program called Men’s Health, a tool kit of sorts that will help men stay health and active. The program focuses on preventative health and will urge men to schedule a yearly appointment with a primary care medical provider.

During the Men’s Health appointment, the medical provider talks with the patient about health conditions that can affect him because of age or because of his medical history. This includes blood pressure, testosterone levels, immunizations, cholesterol, skin health, diabetes and colon cancer.

To schedule an appointment, men are encouraged to call their local primary care Sanford Clinic.