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Sanford Sports Science Institute Works to Improve Sports Safety

Leading the Way in Research

Sanford Sports Science Institute serves as a trusted resource and recognized leader in conducting research, assessing athletes, providing the most current educational information, and developing guidelines and policy for safe and appropriate exercise, training, and sports participation.

We partner with athletic teams and sports medicine national governing bodies to develop participation guidelines designed to improve performance and maximize safety.

The SSSI team is also vigorously expanding Sanford's leading work in the area of sports concussion management, with new research on objective and more sensitive measures of concussion resolve.

Professional Services for Athletes

In addition to research, the Sanford Sports Science Institute is here to provide professional services for athletes and active individuals. Services include detailed physiological evaluations in a controlled environmental chamber, fitness testing, sport nutrition consults, and assessments on the athletic field, as well as presentations and seminars for teams and organizations. Learn more.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

The institute is equipped with a 336-sq foot environmental chamber with the ability to regulate temperature (40-122°F) and humidity levels for testing athletes exercising in various environmental conditions. Individuals can be tested using a Viasys Vmax Encore 29 cardiopulmonary exercise testing system and various exercise equipment including treadmills and cycle ergometers, as well as a CompuTrainer stationary trainer, so that athletes can use their own competition cycle for fitness and performance evaluations.

Redefining Athletic Performance & Safety

It's our goal to lead changes in how athletes at all levels perform, compete and play to improve performance and reduce injury risk and occurrence. If you or your team would like to learn more how we can be of service, contact us today.