Pediatrics - Anesthesiology

Pediatrics - Anesthesiology

Sanford Children’s anesthesiology provides pain relief and comfort to children during medical procedures, treatments or surgery through a variety of safe, modern medications and the latest monitoring equipment. Our pediatric anesthesiologists are specially trained to care for children and are available 24/7 in our hospitals and on-call.

Your Child and Anesthesia

From a minor procedure with a shot to numb the area to a more serious surgery in which your child will be "asleep," knowing the basics about anesthesia may help answer your questions and ease some concerns — both yours and your child's.

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R.J. Lunn, MD, Pediatric Anesthesiology

Dr. Lunn is a pediatric anesthesiologist who specializes in providing pain relief and anesthesia services to children during emergency, surgical or other procedures. He has specialized training in pediatric cardiac anesthesiology and is a member of the pediatric cardiac team.

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