Pain Management

Pain Management

Sanford's Pain Management offers comprehensive services that address a patient's unique pain situation, providing individualized strategy to help manage and reduce pain. Our leading pain medicine specialists work one-on-one with a patient's primary care provider. The team may include pain medicine physicians as well as physical therapists, occupational therapists, psychologists, social workers, dieticians, and other specialists as needed working together to address the physical and emotional components of pain. The team may employ techniques that include rehabilitative therapies, psychological services, interventional techniques or medications. Availability of specific services varies at different Sanford locations.

Mechanical Fix for a Matter of the Heart

Garth Epperson long suffered with “a pain that felt like 70 pounds sitting on me all the time.” An unrelenting search for relief led Garth to Sanford pain management physician Dr. Majid Ghazi, who inspired the solution. Dr. Ghazi used spinal cord stimulator technology to treat Garth’s refractory angina -- heart pain.

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William Dicks, MD, Pain Management

Dr. Dicks is a family physician who specializes in pain management. He has expertise in biomedical ethics, pain control, exercise & sports physiology, and chemical dependency. He focuses on helping patients find the cause and most effective treatment for their pain condition as well as long-term pain management.

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