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Sanford Health is actively recruiting nationally-known physicians and researchers to spearhead the clinical initiative and the Sanford Research Center for Genomic and Molecular Medicine.

Our goal is to expand the genetics workforce throughout the enterprise, including physician geneticists, genetic counselors and a clinical genomics bioethicist. There is also planned growth of our CLIA-certified genetics and genomics diagnostic laboratories.

To accomplish our goals, Sanford Health is recruiting a wide range of experts in internal medicine, genomic medicine and genetics, with a particular focus on the fields of adult genetics and cardiovascular genetics.
The following positions will be recruited:

  • Genetic Counselors
  • Biochemical Geneticist
  • Internal Medicine Physicians
  • Physician Leader, Sanford Imagenetics and Department of Clinical Genetics and Genomics
  • Research Center Director, Sanford Center for Genomic and Molecular Medicine
  • Leader, Genomic Medicine Bioethics Program
  • Leader, Sanford Program in Bioinformatics

To let us know your interest in these future openings, please email your professional letter of interest along with a current CV to