Getting ready for baby is an exciting time. Whether you’re thinking about baby or at any stage of your pregnancy, you’ve got questions. Lots of them. You can’t wait to learn more about the little one developing inside of you.

Mom2Be Pregnancy Coaches

At the Sanford Women’s Mom2Be Center, we offer one-on-one sessions with pregnancy coaches. This service can be accessed whether you are thinking about baby or at any stage of pregnancy. Your Mom2Be Pregnancy Coach will personalize your session to you and your life by helping you design your pregnancy journey. Whether you are thinking about baby or already pregnant, your Mom2Be Pregnancy Coach will provide support and encouragement to help you find answers to your pregnancy questions and resources to meet your needs.

You can sign up for one session or several; the choice is yours; based on your schedule and your needs.

To schedule your session with a pregnancy coach, call (605) 328-7140.

Mom2Be Personal Fitness Coaching

With a baby on the way, getting and staying fit is more important than ever. Sanford Women’s Mom2Be Center offers private, one-on-one sessions with a certified personal trainer who specializes in prenatal exercise. Your fitness coach will create a balanced exercise plan that focuses on strength, cardiovascular exercise, balance, stretching and proper form. Your plan will be personalized, to fit your schedule and your fitness level. You can attend one session or several; the choice is yours. You’ll leave with an exercise plan designed for working out at home.

Sessions are 50 minutes long and cost $32 per visit.

To learn more or schedule your session, call (605) 328-7155.

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