Fertility and Reproductive Medicine

Fertility and Reproductive Medicine

The power of mother’s intuition. The support of medical expertise.

Your intuition. It’s what empowers your choices as a smart woman and a nurturing mother. At Sanford Health Fertility and Reproductive Medicine, your instinct drives our supportive, personalized medical expertise.

You plan. We provide. Maybe getting pregnant didn’t go as planned. You’re not alone. Hundreds of couples each year seek out care at Sanford Health Fertility and Reproductive Medicine, the region’s only facility for expert reproductive care. We provide each one of our patients a plan of action designed just for them by a comprehensive team of medical, gynecological, obstetric, reproductive and fetal care experts.

You prepare. We protect. At Sanford Health Fertility and Reproductive Medicine, you not only receive care tailored to you, but we can also assist you with emotional and financial concerns if any may arise during your journey to parenthood. So while you prepare for the new life you wish to bring into this world, it’s good to know that if the journey begins to take a toll on your finances or emotional well-being, you are fully supported by our team.

Many couples. Just like you. Approximately 1 in 6 couples will have difficulty conceiving. Many couples just like you have come to us because our technology, research and expertise offer them the most successful outcomes. We strive to offer a warm and caring experience while you explore your treatment options, and we assure you that your family is at the center of our care.

Many questions. Many answers. Likely you already have a list of questions you wish to ask our team. We welcome your questions and concerns, and encourage you to share your thoughts with your team. Our goal is to inform you as best we can about the processes, medications and tests you may have to undergo to keep your experience as stress-free as possible.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Common Diseases

One in six couples will be affected by fertility problems. Learn more about common diseases that can affect men and women.

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Keith Hansen, MD

Dr. Hansen specializes in fertility and reproductive medicine.

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