Sanford Cancer’s embrace Survivorship Program brings together cancer patients, family members and caregivers to help address the emotional, physical and financial effects of cancer on patients and their families. We believe from the moment you are diagnosed, you are a survivor. Together, we embrace life, each other and the future as we find connection, empowerment and education in our journey forward.

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Bottles of Hope – Join Us in Inspiring Cancer Patients

Bottles of Hope are glass medicine bottles decorated with polymer clay and given to cancer patients as a sign of hope and comfort. You can join us in making and giving these bottles to Sanford cancer patients. It’s easy and everyone is welcome!

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Shelby Terstriep, MD, Hematology/Oncology

Dr. Terstriep specializes in Medical Oncology/Hematology with a passionate interest in cancer survivorship. In addition to diagnosing and treating patients, she serves as the Medical Director for embrace, Sanford's Cancer Survivorship Program.

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