Sanford Orthopedics & Sports Medicine provides concussion management for all individuals who participate activities where there is a risk for concussion. A concussion is a type of traumatic brain injury, which changes the way the brain normally works. Promptly recognizing and responding to concussions when they first occur is critical to recovery, preventing prolonged concussion symptoms, chronic brain damage and even death. Our program includes a thorough evaluation by a sports medicine physician with specialty training in the management of concussions, Computerized Brain Function Testing (ImPACT©) and Clinical Balance Testing, individualized management plans and educational resources.

“Sports concussions are brain injuries and must be taken seriously to protect our kids and prevent long-term consequences,” says Sanford Health’s Dr. Michael F. Bergeron. “Passage of this legislation is a significant step forward in increasing concussion awareness and providing the best opportunity for proper care of our young athletes, so they fully recover and play again.”

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Fargo Force hockey player Colten St. Clair wears more than 20 pounds of protective gear, but even that can’t stop a concussion. Learn how Sanford helps to save the brains of athletes.

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Verle Valentine, MD, Sports Medicine

Dr. Valentine specializes in family practice sports medicine; focusing on the treatment of athletic and activity injuries, running injuries and sports-related concussions. He is also the Medical Director for Sanford’s Sports Science Institute. He has served as a team physician in the WNBA, NBA, LPGA and for multiple DI universities.

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