Children’s Oncology Group

Children’s Oncology Group

Sanford Children’s Oncology Group brings together leading pediatric cancer specialists to ensure that each child with cancer receives the latest and most appropriate treatment and therapy. We work together to review each child’s case as a group and make recommendations for care based on a diverse range of oncology and pediatric expertise and experience. It’s our goal to make sure that children with cancer receive effective treatment with every effort to minimize side-effects . Sanford Children’s provides a child-friendly, healing environment where children and parents are empowered and supported.

Understanding Chemotherapy

Medical advances have helped health care professionals manage, lessen, and prevent certain side effects of cancer treatments. But parents whose kids need chemotherapy — one of the most common treatments for childhood cancer — often have many questions and concerns about it.

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KayeLyn Wagner, MD, Pediatric Oncology/Hematology

Dr. Wagner is a pediatric oncologist who specializes in providing the latest treatment and care to children with cancer. She is a member of Sanford’s Child Oncology Group in Sioux Falls and focuses on working with parents and other specialists to make sure each patient receives the most effective treatment and care.

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