Breast Health

A Hope For Change

Yvonne Lee never gave up hope that she could treat her breast cancer, says her son, Dr. John Lee. Sanford’s biobank will allow patients like his mother to get world-class treatments and care, close to home, the cancer researcher says.

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Inspired to Navigate

Donna Dwire first met radiologist Thomas Cink when she was being diagnosed with breast cancer. Learn how the doctor and his colleagues at the Breast Health Institute both healed her and inspired her to become a patient navigator.

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Celebrating Her Victories

A small lump under Eva Horner’s arm led to over a year of treatments for breast cancer. Throughout surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, this Hudson woman embraced life and was confident that she would get better.

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An Annual Event

The reason that Karen Rene never skips her mammogram is simple. The woman who gives her the test every year at Sanford Health Jamestown cared enough to explain why this screening was essential to her health.

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Images of Life

At age 27, DeAnn O'Hara loved her life. She and husband Patrick worked as customs border protection officers on the Canadian border. But her discovery of a fast-growing breast lump changed everything.

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The Birthday Gift

Carla Hansen expected her mammogram at age 53 would be normal, just like all the earlier ones. But when the unexpected happens? Today she fully appreciates the value of this lifesaving tool.

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Righting A Wrong

Sanford Researcher David Pearce knows what it’s like to lose a loved one to breast cancer. This leading expert in childhood genetic disease explains how the Sanford Health BioBank will unlock the answers to breast cancer treatments and eventually a cure.

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Breast health starts with you. Taking care of your breast health involves knowing what is normal for your breasts and how normal breast health changes throughout a woman's lifetime. Performing breast self-exams and paying attention to how your breasts feel and look each month is the first step toward preventing breast cancer. Getting annual mammograms and taking steps to live healthy are also essential to breast health.

At Sanford Health, we're here to provide the breast health resources and support you need to stay healthy throughout your life. Our experts in breast health, as well as researchers and specialists in breast cancer make breast care easy and accessible. We are dedicated to winning the fight against breast cancer and to empowering every woman to take an active role in maintaining a lifetime of breast health.

Breast Screening – Get Screened, Encourage Others

Breast screenings only take a few moments. A few moments may save a life. Schedule your breast screening today and encourage others to do the same.

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Breast Screening – Get Screened, Encourage Others
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Make Your Genetic Contribution to the Cure

By giving a small part of yourself today, you can change tomorrow. You can pioneer the future of medicine with us by donating your genetic information through a simple blood draw to the Sanford Health BioBank.

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Breast Cancer Clinical Trials

Sanford Research is dedicated to finding the cure for breast cancer. We are actively seeking participants for breast cancer clinical trials.

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