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Whether you “leak a bit” when you sneeze or you wear pads “just in case,” bladder control problems do not need to be an embarrassing little secret.Sanford Health wants to empower you to shed your worries about bladder control issues because more women than you know are coping with the same concerns.

Why be embarrassed about something so common?

Bladder control problems are very common. In fact, as many as 7 in 10 women experience involuntary loss of urine, most whom fail to seek help from their doctors. While bladder control issues can be a part of the aging process or the result of having babies, they should not be ignored. There are ways we can help improve your condition. It’s time to take control.

Take Control

It is possible to imporve your bladder control without surgery or medication. Here's how physical therapy can help:

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Dr. Kristina Garrels, MD

A patient advocate. A compassionate caregiver. An expert clinician. Dr. Garrells is board certified physician specializing in urology with a special interest in female bladder and pelvic conditions.

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