3D Mammography

3D Mammography

Better visualization. Earlier detection. Fewer additional tests.

Breast tomosynthesis, or 3D mammography, is a new FDA approved technology in the fight against breast cancer. 3D mammograms are used in conjunction with the traditional screening mammogram and may decrease the need for a diagnostic mammogram. 3D mammography eliminates the complexity of overlapping breast tissue during imaging because the camera moves over the breast and takes images from multiple angles.

The benefits of 3D mammograms include:

  • Reduced imaging call backs and additional tests.
  • Earlier detection of small breast cancers that may be hidden during 2D mammography.
  • Greater accuracy in pinpointing size, shape and location of abnormalities.
  • Greater likelihood of detecting multiple breast tumors, which occur in 15 percent of breast cancer patients.

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Tom Cink, MD, Radiology

Dr. Cink specializes in breast radiology. For more than 25 years, he has been focused on the rapidly changing breast imaging field and is the region’s only Fellowship Trained Breast Diagnostic Radiologist. He provides patients and their referring physicians with precise, detailed results to enable effective treatment plans.

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3D Mammography

3D Mammography

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