Sanford Family Birth Center

Sanford Family Birth Center

Trust your instinct to Sanford Family Birth Center

Your intuition. It’s what empowers your choices as a smart woman and a nurturing mother. At Sanford Women’s, your instinct drives our supportive, personalized medical expertise.

You want a say in how you birth your baby – choices in relaxation and comfort methods and medication options. At the Family Birth Center, we support your instincts to care and protect, so we are here to offer you care in a space designed for comfort and healing, including the safest, most advanced technology available in the region.

You nurture. We protect.

The Family Birth Center provides comfort and calm designed with you in mind. Relaxation techniques help calm you during labor, while soft lighting and warm colors soothe the senses.

When the time comes, our skilled team will support your birth according to your plan. It’s reassuring to know if the unexpected occurs you are in good hands with expert labor and birth care and a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit just down the hall.

From the moment you say “it’s time” to get pregnant to all the planning stages leading up to birth day and beyond, Sanford Women’s provides you with world-class care, including:

The power of mother’s intuition. The support of medical expertise.

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801 Broadway North
Fargo, ND 58122 US


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