Sanford Health HealthCare Accessories Alexandria

Sanford Health HealthCare Accessories Alexandria

Sanford Health HealthCare Accessories Alexandria

Effective May 26, 2020
We will be re-opening our stores for a controlled number of customers to come inside at one time to help protect the health and safety of our customers. Curbside pick-up will continue to be available for those who desire contactless interaction. All visitors to our stores will need to bring a mask to wear. We will have additional health and safety procedures in place and clear guidance on how to shop or do curbside pick-up. We will also be closely following guidance from national, state and local authorities to make sure we’re operating in compliance with any restrictions.

Please call your local store with questions or order curbside pick-up.

We want to help you live as independently as possible in your home. Enjoy life on your own with help from the experienced staff at Sanford HealthCare Accessories. Visit us to find the equipment you need to manage the condition or disease that's holding you back. We also provide services and technology that will give you back your mobility. Let us help you regain independence.

We know that each case is unique. Our staff will accommodate your medical and physical needs to suit your home environment and lifestyle.

Sanford Health HealthCare Accessories Alexandria can equip you with the durable and dependable medical equipment, including:

  • Orthotics (a support, brace or splint that helps fix muscle and skeleton issues)
  • Prosthetics (artificial limbs)
  • Elevators and stair lifts for your home
  • Ostomy, wound and incontinence care
  • Wheelchair mobility
  • Home respiratory care and oxygen
  • Pedorthics (modified footwear to address foot, ankle and lower limb problems)

Just for Women

Our Alexandria location offers specialty products designed for women. All our products will keep you healthy and feeling comfortable in your body. If you are currently treating breast cancer or are well into survivorship, we have products and services specifically made for you. 

  • Pre and post mastectomy supplies
  • Silicone breast forms
  • Mastectomy swimwear and bras
  • Mastectomy clothing
  • Breast pumps
  • Chemo skin care
  • Compression garments
  • Non-metallic deodorant

Stop in and see how our staff can help you live and move freely again.


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