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Study ID: CHDI Enroll HD


A Prospective Registry Study in a Global Huntingtons Disease Cohort A CHDI Foundation Project

The goal of Enroll-HD is to build a database using clinical information and biospecimens from patients with Huntington Disease that will serve as a basis for future studies aimed at developing tools and biomarkers for progression and prognosis, identifying clinically relevant phenotypic characteristics, and establishing clearly defined endpoints for interventional studies. Huntington Disease (HD) is an autosomal dominant neurodegenerative disorder [1] that occurs worldwide. Enroll-HD will develop a comprehensive repository of prospective and systematically collected clinical research data (demography, clinical features, family history, genetic characteristics) and biological specimens (blood) from individuals who manifest HD, unaffected individuals known to carry the HD mutation, and control research participants (e.g., spouses, siblings or offspring of HD mutation carriers known not to carry the HD mutation).
Fargo Region
Principal Investigator:
Tanya Harlow, MD
Active - Open to Accrual

For more information, call or email Bismarck Clinical Research at (701) 323-5760, Fargo and Bemidji Clinical Research at (701) 234-5890, or Sioux Falls Clinical Research at (605) 328-1368.