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Study ID: NCCTG N0392


Assessment of Patient Satisfaction with Participation in NCCTG Clinical Trials

The purpose of this research study is to find out how patients feel about taking part in clinical trials. Participants in this study have enrolled to receive treatment in another clinical trial through the North Central Cancer Treatment Group (NCCTG). This study wants to know participant¿s view of how their life has been affected by cancer and its treatment. This ¿Quality of life¿ study looks at how participants feel about their clinical trial experience. This information will help doctors better understand how patients feel about taking part in clinical trials and the roles patients play in their cancer treatment. In the future, this information may help patients and doctors as they decide which medicines to use to treat cancer.
Bemidji Clinic, Bismarck Region, Fargo Region, Sioux Falls Region
Principal Investigator:
Miroslaw Mazurczak, MD;Miroslaw Mazurczak, MD,Preston Steen, MD,Preston Steen, MD,Preston Steen, MD
Active - Open to Accrual

For more information, call or email Bismarck Clinical Research at (701) 323-5760, Fargo and Bemidji Clinical Research at (701) 234-5890, or Sioux Falls Clinical Research at (605) 328-1368.