Sanford PROMISE Research Shadow Program

Follow a Research Scientist on the Job

You have the opportunity to participate in our Research Shadow Program as part of the Sanford Program for the Midwest Initiative in Science Exploration (PROMISE).

This is an observational program allowing high school and undergraduate students 16 years of age or older to shadow a scientist during part of their routine day in one of our research labs. After shadowing within our research environment, you should have an appreciation for some of the qualities required for a career as a research scientist. Remember that this is not a training program and your goal is to experience what it feels like to work within a biomedical research lab.

Current research departments at Sanford Research/University of South Dakota include:

  • Cancer Biology
  • Children's Health Research Center
  • Health Outcomes and Prevention Research Center
  • Sanford Sports Science Institute
  • The Sanford Project (Type I Diabetes Research)

One letter of recommendation from a teacher is also required for participation. The teacher will be emailed a recommendation form upon receipt of your completed application. After review of the application and recommendation, you will be notified of your status. We will conduct a phone call with students invited to participate in order to verify shadowing dates and identify an appropriate supervising research laboratory. All shadows are set up as single three-hour blocks without recurrence. All participants will be asked to sign orientation, safety, security, service excellence, HIPAA, and confidentiality forms when starting their shadowing experience. Participants will also be asked to complete an evaluation form.

Be aware that the laboratory area contains potential hazards. As a shadowing student, you have not completed training authorizing you to work with these hazards. Therefore, the shadowing experience is purely observational. Nonetheless, please pay attention to your supervisor and wear appropriate personal protective equipment to prevent any potential lab-related injuries due to your proximity to hazards in the laboratory environment.

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