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See How She Runs

A fierce competitor on the grade school soccer field, today Laura Roesler takes the running world by storm. But she’s still that quiet North Dakota girl with a kind, soft heart.

A Woman Knows...

Marsha Holman knew she needed surgery to remove a large uterine fibroid. But she wasn't quite ready for a hysterectomy or a lengthy recovery. Welcome to the world of robotic OB/GYN surgery!

Victory for Team Thompson

Three cheers for "Team Thompson" from Oakes, N.D.! In the game of weight loss, Steve and Becki put together a winning combination – including Sanford's Weight Loss Surgery Program.

Slimming Down, Revving Up

Her weight kept going up and her life kept spiraling down. At 250 pounds, Carolyn Motl felt like she was running out of options. What difference could a 100-pound weight loss make?

All in the Family

Fans of the Minnesota Vikings know that number 69 – Jared Allen – brought unbelievable energy to the defensive line this past season. Now meet his cousin and aunt from Fargo and see how they tackle obesity.

Less is More

Jason and Tiffany Anderson hold up a pair of men's denim shorts – size 58. Jason used to wear them. Today both fit into them, one in each leg. How did they do it?

Happiness Is

Sandra Vigen tried for years to lose weight, but the pounds never stayed off. Confident and successful, she didn't let it stop her from a happy life. What happens when health problems intrude?

Living in Harmony

Even at 243 pounds, Kari Caughey enjoyed playing softball with her team in Bemidji, Minn. But it took weight-loss surgery to help her hit a home run in life, health, and love.

Half the Size, Double the Life

Not so long ago, the only kind of shoes Bob Hamel bought were the kind with Velcro fasteners so he wouldn't have to bend over. At 289 pounds, he couldn't do it. Today he laces up his shoes for his daily five-mile run.

Losing Weight, Gaining Life

Darin and Michele Kuzel tried dieting and exercise but only when those techniques were accompanied by weight-loss surgery did their lives truly change. Now health abounds.