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Weight loss her way

After struggling to lose the baby weight for six years, 32-year-old Amy finally found a weight loss plan that gave her success. Learn how one Fargo women lost the weight on her terms and gained a happier life.

Live lighter. Get healthier.

Dennis Halldorson had to get serious about shedding pounds – once and for all. What ignited the renewed motivation? His cardiologist.

A Chance Reunion

Maureen is living a life she never expected. Hear how weight-loss surgery and a happy coincidence helped her get there.

A New, Healthier Focus

Young father Paul Yanzick was the third generation in his family to struggle with diabetes and weight gain. This 36-year-old Sioux Falls man chose weight loss surgery to help him drop 160 pounds and end his family’s cycle of poor health.

Family Time Now Means Fit Time

Matt and Kristen Sperry saw their two young sons developing their same sedentary habits, and it helped spur them to action. See how this couple benefitted from weight loss surgery and transformed to help their family develop health habits.

Another Chance

As the pounds piled on, so did the medical conditions. At age 40, Dean Johnson knew he needed lifesaving change.

Hello Life!

Dani Yuretich hated missing out on her kids’ activities, but at 263 pounds she was embarrassed to be seen. “I just wanted to hide,” she says. See how she turned her life around with weight loss surgery.

Higher Ground

At 250 pounds, Bud Myers could never have climbed a mountain, let alone the highest peak in Africa. See what happens when this 74-year-old reaches for help from the Sanford Weight Loss Surgery Program.

Singing a Healthy New Song

When Dr. Scott Helberg had heart failure he realized that he needed to do something drastic to improve his health. Learn how weight loss surgery helped this doctor heal his heart and help him get back the energy he needs to sing. Watch Video

Less Baggage, More Fun

Travel tops Mary Fischer’s bucket list. But at 244 pounds, the adventures grew increasingly difficult. With Sanford Weight Loss Surgery Program, she embarked on a journey to better health.Watch Video