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Garth Epperson knew the ins and outs of fixing motor coaches, but what could he do about stubborn heart pain after bypass surgery? He discovered an “electrifying” answer at Sanford Pain Management.

Ski Club & Heart Club

Vern Hanson noticed breathing trouble while skiing the slalom course -- and didn’t ignore it. Today, thanks to lifesaving heart surgery, he’s back on track and kicking up a spray!

To Protect and Serve -- a Heart

Retired U.S. Marshall Lyle Swenson spent over 40 years upholding the law and taking care of the people around him. A cardiac screening helped him learn to protect his own heart and health.

A Heart for Life

Amazing technology keeps Michael Guenther’s heart pumping until he can get a transplant. But it requires expert ongoing care. A new heart specialty at Sanford makes a winning difference!

Tiny Fading Scars. Long-lasting Hope.

Robotic surgery is changing the landscape for cardiovascular surgeons and patients. Dr. Roxanne Newman is the preeminent surgeon bringing hope to patients in Fargo. Watch Video

A Heart Saved by Screening

When Dave Wagner’s family dragged him to a heart screening test they saved his life. This active, healthy 66-year-old man was at a major risk for heart attack.

Finding Disease in a Young Heart

As an active mom who ate right and exercised on her lunch hour, Lorie Helgeson had no reason to think that she would have a heart attack. Paying attention to her symptoms and getting to a doctor saved her life.

A Hunter’s Tale

“I Walk on Water” says his ice-fishing sweatshirt. But Steve Eickhoff would be the first to say several people walked on water the day he suffered a heart attack while hunting