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Putting the Puzzle Together

There was no reason for Rex Pruitt to think he was in danger of heart failure. Yet Sanford doctors saw the bigger picture, realizing the healthy 51-year-old man needed immediate care to clear his artery and save his life.

A New Lease on Life

Jeanenne Hatletvedt knew her heart was failing, but her body was too frail to survive traditional surgery. How would a groundbreaking new technique to replace her heart valve save her life?

A Rapid Response to Save

From the moment that Erv Inniger walked into a North Dakota State University athletic building with chest pains, Sanford Heart’s lifesaving system of care was ready. This speedy response to his symptoms allowed him to survive a heart attack with no permanent damage to the muscles of his heart.

New Help for a Grateful Heart

Thousands rely on implantable devices to improve heart function -- and save lives. But what if the device requires replacement? A new minimally invasive procedure transforms the experience!

Connections for Heart Care

Irene Simmons didn’t know she was having a heart attack, but her local emergency services team did. Find out how regional Sanford Health hospitals work to get speedy treatment for cardiac patients, saving lives and hearts.

Hearts Together

Norma Anderson was there when her husband, Elmo, experienced heart trouble. And she was there for his treatment, too. See what happens when they connect with Sanford Cardiac Rehab -- together!

A Run to Remember

A heart attack at 45? It would’ve devastated some, but not Clint Glass. With help from Sanford Cardiac Rehab and inspiration from his 15-year-old daughter, today he trains for the Fargo Marathon.

A Living, Loving Heart

Every link in the chain led to Julie Fennell’s survival after sudden cardiac arrest. Today she puts her heart and soul into giving back. Meet our honorary chair for the 2012 Heart Walk!

Close to Home Care

Sanborn farmer Gary Krikke didn’t have to go far when he had a heart attack. Sanford’s integrated system of care helped save his life and get him the follow-up cardiac treatment he needed.

A Home for Heart Care

While Jan Larsen waits for a transplant, a mechanical device is keeping his heart ticking. This Sioux Falls man says being able to stay at a hospital close to home makes it easier to pass the time until he has a new heart.