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Tiny Tools. Tiny Scars. Big Benefits for the Heart

Dr. Richard Rembecki was the first patient to receive a cardiac bypass using the latest minimally invasive robotic surgery. The procedure is not available anywhere else in the region, and helped the pulmonologist at Sanford Children’s get back to life and work quicker than with traditional bypass surgery.

Dakota Resurrection

Halfway through the show, performer Steve Stark experienced a real-life heart emergency: sudden cardiac death. He’s alive today thanks to a chain-of-care that began in Ashley, N.D., and stretched clear across the state.

Saving a Young Heart

At age 33, Michael Coequyt had no reason to think he was having a heart attack. Working together, his local clinic and Sanford Heart Hospital got him the immediate help he needed to heal his heart and ensure many more years with his children.

38 Minutes to Life

When farmer Ryan Radermacher suspected a heart attack, he didn’t waste a minute. See how first responders, ambulances and more came together in rural North Dakota to rapidly connect him with high-level care.

A New Lease on Life

Betty Christensen’s heart is full of love for friends and family, but a failing valve in that heart was threatening her future. Heart surgery: not an option at age 79. Sanford had a new way to save her heart and her life. Watch video

A Welcome Option for a Happy Heart

Gwenda Kolb of Aberdeen, S.D., knew the challenges of out-of-town travel for advanced heart care. Her heart jumped for joy when she learned the care she needed was readily available in her own backyard.

Heart of a Teenager. Heart of a Champion.

A simple, affordable heart screen for young people ages 12-24 could have saved Adam Thompson’s life. Learn more about Adam and Heart of a Champion.

The Rhythm of Life

Frequent episodes of atrial fibrillation left Nancy Buckeye feeling weak, shaky and worried. An advanced heart procedure gave her the boost she needed. Now she’s back in rhythm, enjoying life.

A Solution on Her Hands

For years Courtney Fransen hid her hands, doing everything she could to hide her dripping palms. A surgical procedure not only stopped the sweating, but also changed the path of this teen’s life.

Family Heart

A vibrant 62-year-old, Roxanne Burnside never expected a heart attack. Thanks to expert help from the very start, she’s here today with an important message: Love your heart.