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In the nick of time - How a simple screen saved a life

Mike Koenig thought his heart was healthy, but his heart screen at Sanford proved otherwise. Learn about his story and how one test and team helped save his life.

Stopping heart problems before they ever started

Bob Halvorson made one very important decision that changed everything. Learn how his trip to Sanford Center for Screening helped save his heart and potentially his life.

Words for the heart

Vicki Vance was sent a sign – a life-saving message that showed up at her doorstep printed in black and white.

One simple step. One heart saved. One life improved.

“It was not a matter of ‘if’, but rather ‘when’ I would have a heart attack. The heart screen changed everything.”

Screening Saves Lives

Receiving the appropriate screenings can help doctors identify abnormalities and cancer sooner, before they become a problem.

When Every Second Counts

The Sanford Bemidji Heart and Vascular Center provides expert care when and where it’s needed most. And one man’s story of survival proves it.

Reducing Stroke Risk in AFib Patients Permanently

When Elaine Finke discovered blood thinners weren’t a good option for her atrial fibrillation, she was relieved to have another choice – available only at Sanford Heart Hospital.

A Happy Anniversary

It has been one year since Betty became the first person to undergo the TAVR procedure. Now she can live life the way she wants.Watch video

Life Saving Speed

It’s called the widow maker, but hear how a retired physician survived a massive heart attack thanks to the STEMI team at Sanford Bemidji.