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When You’re Ready for Baby, Sanford Women’s is Here for You

There’s nothing like the joy of anticipating holding a new little one, seeing that first smile, and hearing a small voice call you “Mommy” – preparing to add to your family is a special time in your life.

Sanford Women’s specialists are here to help you learn more about conception, receive prenatal care and discover ways to make your pregnancy experience rewarding, easier and memorable for the whole family.

Whether you are wanting to welcome your first little one or your fifth, having the healthcare support and services available to answer your questions and provide guidance and care is essential. At Sanford Women’s our team of specialists – including genetic counselors, OB/GYN specialists, Family Medicine physicians, Certified Nurse Midwives, ultrasound technicians, Maternal-Fetal care specialists, and Neonatologists work together to provide care for you and your unborn baby before, during and after your pregnancy.

Not sure what you need to consider as you prepare for a baby? Here are some of our services we offer and how they can help you:

  • Choosing a Prenatal Provider. We offer Family Medicine physicians, OB/GYN specialists as well as Certified Nurse Midwives for your prenatal care. Choosing a provider that fits your needs is important for your ultimate well-being and peace-of-mind.
  • Birthing Center Fargo and The Birth Place, Sioux Falls. We offer family-oriented birthing suites at our hospitals that celebrate the arrival of your little one. Your comfort, privacy and connection to your loved ones is a priority along with expert care for your newborn, including neonatal intensive care services.
  • Pregnancy Screening/Ultrasound. We offer a full range of early pregnancy screening, testing as well as the latest in prenatal ultrasound.
  • Prenatal and Parenting Classes. First time parents are often worried about not knowing how to take care of a baby or unsure of what labor and delivery will be like. Our classes are led by experienced staff who answer your questions, understand your concerns and help you gain the knowledge you need to feel confident as a parent.
  • Maternal-Fetal Medicine. If you have concerns about you or your baby’s wellbeing during pregnancy, our Maternal-Fetal Medicine specialists offer expertise, experience and knowledge in diagnosing, ruling out and treating high-risk pregnancy conditions.
  • Fertility Testing. If you’re having difficulty conceiving, our Reproductive Endocrinologists are here to assist and offer a variety of options.
  • Genetic Counseling. You don’t have to have a genetic illness or prior history of genetic disease to see one of our friendly genetic counselors. You may have questions about maternal age, family history or the likelihood of passing along genetic-related conditions to a baby. We’re here to talk you through it and answer questions.

Preparing to have a baby is a special time in a family’s life. No matter what stage of family planning you’re in, when you’re ready, Sanford Women’s is here to provide the services and care you need.

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Posted Date: January 2011