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Welcome to Sanford Children's Medical Home Program!

The program focuses on the whole child, not just one specific aspect. This is especially important for children with special health needs because they receive care from multiple specialists, services and therapists. Medical Home brings the entire picture together.

The result? High quality, well-coordinated care that fits your child. It makes a real difference:

  • Health problems get addressed sooner, resulting in fewer ER visits and hospital stays.
  • Medical care becomes more organized, reducing stress for you and your family.
  • Your child’s potential thrives because the care needed is readily available.

  • Connecting all the links

    Early on, you and your pediatrician and the care coordinator develop a care plan — an important document that’s up-to-date and lives in your child’s medical record — at no cost to you. A hard copy is available to you and others involved in your child’s care: daycare staff, out-of-town providers, community agencies, schools and babysitters. Besides ensuring consistency, the care plan means you no longer have to keep repeating your child’s story. Documented and signed by your pediatrician, a single care plan provides a roadmap of essential medical information as well as your child’s likes and dislikes. Each provider knows where they fit in your child’s complete picture of care.

    Your active involvement

    Medical Home relies heavily on the involvement of parents. You’re the true experts on your child. Your participation includes:

  • Partnering with your pediatrician to develop the care plan.
  • Working with the Medical Home care coordinator or RN health coach to keep the plan up-to-date.
  • Asking questions, communicating needs and noticing changes.

  • Expect the best with Medical Home!

  • Personalized care: Our staff knows your family and how to treat your child. When you call and say you’re a Medical Home parent, we know exactly what’s involved.
  • Access: With Medical Home, you have the access you need to your pediatrician and appointment times. If specialty care is needed, we quickly arrange it.
  • Support: The Medical Home care coordinator or RN health coach can connect you with helpful services, agencies and resources in the community. Connection leads to empowerment.
  • Respect: Support comes from many sources. We respect every family’s cultural and religious beliefs.
  • Posted Date: September 2012