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Weight loss her way

For more than six years, Amy has carried a heavy burden – her excess weight. The 32-year-old Fargo resident tried it all - but never got the results she wanted.

“My story is something so many moms experience,” Amy says. “After having my son, who is now 6, I just couldn’t get the baby weight off, no matter what I tried. I would always lose 10 or 20 pounds, and then that’s where the loss would end.”

Many of the programs Amy tried took too much time and were designed for the masses, instead of her specific needs and desires. This left her feeling unmotivated and unfocused, all while the number on her scale kept going up.

“I decided to ask my doctor at my annual physical for help,” Amy says. “She recommended Sanford Health’s medical weight loss program.”

In October 2013, she had her first visit to Ronald Wiisanen, MD, obesity specialist at Sanford. And that’s when everything changed for Amy.

From the very start, Amy felt safe, comfortable and supported by the team. The program gave her the freedom and control she was missing before.

“I finally felt like I had a plan designed just for me – on MY terms,” Amy says. “It was basic, simple and easy to follow, which also made it easy to stick with.”

The program, which is part of the Sanford Eating Disorders & Weight Management Center, focuses on medication, individual and group nutritional classes, psychological evaluation and support as well as exercise options. Every patient is evaluated and given a plan based on their health concerns and lifestyle.

Under the care of Dr. Wiisanen, Amy received the support and expertise she needed to succeed. She met with a dietitian who addressed her eating habits and laid out what her specific calorie intake should be. She also incorporated physical activity into her routine.

“And I had to check in with Dr. Wiisanen about once every two weeks, just to make sure everything was going ok,” says Amy. “The compassion, support and encouragement I felt from the entire team was amazing.”

And it all paid off. After six months, Amy – and others in her life – began to notice a difference. And now, after just passing one year with the weight loss program, she has lost more than 100 pounds.

“I’m happier and have so much more energy now,” Amy says. “I am more active with my son and husband, instead of watching. I actually crave working out now.”

Amy says she has fewer health complications as well. She has asthma, but doesn’t need her inhaler nearly as often, and isn’t sick as often. Her high cholesterol has also returned to a normal, healthy level.

Amy has referred several friends and family to Sanford’s program, and she reports they, too, have found weight loss success thanks to Dr. Wiisanen and his team.

“The team at the clinic treats every single person – no matter their size, shape or weight – the exact same,” Amy says. “And the goal is always the same. They want to give every single person who walks through their clinic door a chance to live a healthier, happier life.”

To learn if the medical weight loss management program at Sanford Health could help you, call (701) 234-4311.

Posted Date: December 2014